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Scrophularia scorodonia, Balm-leaved Figwort, with pale yellowish-green flowers

Observed: 24th June 2013 By: Plymouth PhilPlymouth Phil’s reputation in PlantsPlymouth Phil’s reputation in PlantsPlymouth Phil’s reputation in PlantsPlymouth Phil’s reputation in Plants
Scrophularia scorodonia, South Brent 4
Scrophularia scorodonia, South Brent 3
Scrophularia scorodonia, South Brent 1
Scrophularia scorodonia, South Brent 2

Has anyone any knowledge of Scrophularia scorodonia with unusual pale flowers? Two plants with pale flowers (one 2.05m tall) were growing next to another S. scorodonia with normal coloured flowers.

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Last year I saw ...

... a similar colour break, but in Scrophularia nodosa.

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Stace says

...that Scrophularia nodosa and S. auriculata can have greenish flowers but I can't find any reference anywhere to S. scorodonia with pale flowers, which were first noticed by Devon botanist Pete Reay.

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Scrophularia scorodonia var. viridiflora

Ian Bennallick, BSBI Recorder for East Cornwall, tells me that he has also seen S. scorodonia with greenish flowers and that they have been given the name var. viridiflora, Druce.

Old references to this var. can be read online. Search for "Supplement to F. Hamilton Davey's Flora of Cornwall, p99" and it is also mentioned in the Botanical Exchange Club for 1917, p39, which can be read through the Archives section of the BSBI website.

A Google search for "Scrophularia scorodonia var. viridiflora" will give further information.

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The leaves do not look rough enough for B L Figwort a rare plant

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Balm-leaved Figwort not a great rarity in south-west Devon and is a plant I have known for many years.