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Not known plant

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I had considered Oxeye Daisy because, as noted, the bud looks right. Even the leaf could be considered typical. What dissuaded me was that every other example of Oxeye Daisy I have seen puts the flower at the end of a long and relatively thin stalk; not the case here.


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I see what you mean

True, they are usually on long stalks. I've just had a look at the ones in my garden, which are all long-stalked even in bud. Though maybe odd plants can vary, or maybe the earliest buds fatten up before elongating? If you go back again when the flowers are open, it would be interesting to see what happens to them.
I think there is one bud on a bit more of stalk in the top right-hand corner (if you open the original picture rather than the cropped version).

EDIT - noticed some more plants in our garden today, which do have short-stemmed buds. And I suspect they may well be shasta daisies rather than ox-eye, now I think about it.