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Another unknown plant species

Observed: 24th June 2013 By: JaesunJJaesunJ’s reputation in Plants
Unknown Plant

Sure it is rather common. I have been assuming it will grow into a woody species but I could be wrong. Everywhere on limestone Warton crag. Looking at the specimen with the reddish leaves (others were more strongly coloured) in the moddle of the photo!

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Something plummy perhaps

Could well be blackthorn or maybe a wildish plum/damson.

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I agree...

...looks very much like the suckers that come up from my garden cherries. I've seen blackthorn at this stage looking just the same, but not certain of ID in this case.

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I did wonder

I thought of cherry too, though the shape looks a bit more plummish, I thought. Young leaves can vary a lot from mature ones though. Blackthorn, plum, cherry-plum - they all look very similar, even with flowers! Probably a stone-fruit tree anyway!