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Unknown plant species

Observed: 24th June 2013 By: JaesunJJaesunJ’s reputation in Plants
Unknown Plant

The green herb in the middle. Any ideas? it has me stumped! On a semi-improved limestone site in North West Lancashire.

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Any other photos?

Not very easy to count teeth on the leaves - I could be quite easily persuaded it was Red Bartsia. (I also thought of Skullcap, but that prefers dampness.)

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I went for Red Bartsia because it's not in flower yet, while Yellow Rattle is - at least in my part of the country.

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Good point. Yellow rattle is flowering here too, but not red bartsia.

I've also just noticed that the book says YR is more or less hairless and RB is downy. I think I can see hairs on the plant in the photo, so maybe it is red bartsia after all, despite the leaf teeth. I had an idea that YR leaves tended to be a bit shinier and glossier (which would fit with being hairless). I'm going to have to study them carefully when I see them in flower! And count teeth!

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Ah well.

Why did I dismiss Skullcap? Doh. Poland - Skullcap - shortly hairy lvs, 6-10(23) teeth per side. Though it also says 'lvs without 2ndary veins ending in a sinus' which didn't seem to fit to me. But maybe I've misinterpreted that. Anyway, I took some close up photos of Yellow Rattle leaves today to compare them.

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mind you, cant think of

mind you, cant think of anywhere on Occupation Road that would have skullcap, so maybe Odontites is right after all.

Tim Rich