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Gypsy cuckoo bumble

Observed: 2nd August 2009 By: Iris003Iris003’s reputation in InvertebratesIris003’s reputation in InvertebratesIris003’s reputation in Invertebrates
Field cuckoo? 02
Field cuckoo 03
Field cuckoo? 01

Can't see pollen bags on back legs. Distinctive white "shoulders" - but can't find any bumbles that match. Male Field cuckoo seems to vary wildly. Is it one of these?

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Cuckoo bumblebee

Well done for picking this out as a cuckoo bumblebee, and I agree that it looks like a male (e.g. antennae look relatively long, which is one of the signs that it is a male).

The English names for bumblebees can get a bit confusing, as different books and websites use different versions of them. When you say Field Cuckoobee do you mean Bombus campestris? I would expect that to be a bit yellower than your photo shows, and I think what you've got here is either Bombus vestalis or Bombus bohemicus. Where I live in Buckinghamshire I only see B. vestalis, but B. bohemicus is more frequent further north. These two are hard to tell apart - for the males, one way of distinguishing them is to look at the antennal segments. In B. vestalis segment 3 is shorter than segment 5, while in B. bohemicus they are similar lengths. I can't quite see enough detail in your photos to decide on this one.

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Field Cuckoo Bee

Dear Martin, they certainly are confusing! In our book it says it's a Gypsy Cuckoo Bee, how many names are there for this type?


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Thanks Matt

Dear Matt, thank you for your ID, we found a pic of a field cuckoo bee and we agree with your identification.