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Vase-shaped sponge

Observed: 20th June 2013 By: dejayM
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A delightful small sponge, difficult to photograph out of the water.
NCE is 4mm
I am uncomfortable with my initial ID, so anyone coming here should read Comments
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vases and sausages

This has been a difficult ID.
Notwithstanding the many different names, the shape is confusing. This one is vase-shaped (bulbous at the bottom), where as the other is more or less sausage-shaped.
I have deliberately used the name Vase which seems to indicate another species altogether - English names eh?.

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Definitely not a sausage!

Derek. According to MarLIN "Sycon ciliatum is tubular or vase shaped" and should be "rough or furry". Your looks distinctly 'hairy'.

Another interesting observation. I'm ashamed to say that I tend to ignore the 'coastal' iSpot observations because I don't have the knowledge or time to make constructive comments.


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no excuses

Steve - you are a good Naturalist. You need no excuse to make excursions beyond your 'comfort zone'.
I REALLY appreciate your comments here (the only ones in several weeks). The one thing in iSpot, perhaps beyond the vanity (many would say pride), is getting good support and advice. I am MUCH too old for the former, I will die trying to get the latter...amen.