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This is a poo of some sort of creature.

Observed: 23rd June 2013 By: AmonSzocsAmonSzocs’s reputation in Mammals

No identification made yet.

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Difficult to be sure enough

for a formal identification. Possibly Brown Rat, from size and shape?
Just a personal quirk, but I hate the word "poo"! Droppings, faeces, or sh*t (it wasn't always considered rude) yes: poo, no.

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it could be a rabbit

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Not an easy one, I would say they were too elongated to be rabbit and not enough to be rat.

The most likely would be sheep or roe deer, as they appear tapered at one end I would go for roe deer.

Does that fit with the animals in the area?

Graham Banwell

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Sorry for the delayed reply.

Sorry for the delayed reply.

the area is a nature reserve. so all of the above mentioned animals could be the owner of these droppings.