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163 southern marsh orchids

Observed: 13th June 2013 By: terrycrynantterrycrynant’s reputation in Plantsterrycrynant’s reputation in Plantsterrycrynant’s reputation in Plants

The first photo shows a boggy area with 163 southern marsh orchid flower spikes in a sea of buttercups.The third photo is the same area the next day after the mower had been over it.Four survived. This mowing has happened for the last 10 years just as the flower spikes are opening.The plants will put up a second spike just in time to catch the second mowing this area gets in the summer.This treatment has not resulted in the orchids diminishing in number.When I first noticed them 10 years ago there were only 5 plants ,this year I counted 163 before the mower struck.

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This seems be part an

This seems be part an obsession in this country, with "tidying" up nature and making the countryside "neater", With a bit more thought and planning these types of areas could be much better managed to the benefit of wildlife and people. I would much rather walk through a landscape shown in your first photograph that that in the third.

If you interested Plantlife are running a campaign to try and stop this type of bad management of verges, roundabouts and similar areas, see this website, http://www.plantlife.org.uk/roadvergecampaign .


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Tidying up

I witnessed a similar -tidying up' by my local council. After they mowed and strimmed the edge of a rugby field, which was a wild border, full of flowers and Skipper and Common Blue butterflies.
I rang them and asked politely for them to mow it once after the growing season, which to their credit they did.
In these hard times, cash strapped Councils may oblige if they can get away without paying one of their employees 3 or 4 hours work and use them to perform other more meaningful and less wildlife damageing tasks elsewhere.
For the sake of a phone call, it has to be worth asking the question doesn't it?

Please see my Flickr photo's www.flickr.com/photos/129804972@N07/