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Purple flower in hedgerow

Observed: 23rd June 2013 By: Peppipig
purple flower in hedgerow pic1
purple flower pic 2

Tall purple/white flowers growing in one random spot in a rural hedgerow. Tall stemmedapprox 12-15 inches. Flowers long & tubular.

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Having found ...

... Vicia villosa myself in August (it's taken me two months to produce a confident identification) I've come back to this observation to see whether this was the same species. I don't think that it is, and it is clearly not Vicia beneghalensis, which has long hairy calyx lobes, so that leaves Vicia cracca and Vicia tenuifolia as possible identifications, and as Vicia tenuifolia does turn up as a bicolor it seems likely to be this.

[It's clearly something in Vicia sect. Cracca.]