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Automatic Rotating of Observation Images

Apologies if this topic has already been raised, I've looked at the forums but haven't seen the relevant thread.
I've noticed recently that my images are often rotated to portrait when I post.
I rotate my images to the correct orientation before I upload them.
Does iSpot use a third party image hosting service which does this or could it be fixed?



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How do you rotate your images? I know that some programmes, Picasa for example, don’t rotate the original image but simply remember they have to display them in another orientation. Hence when the original is copied the third party displays the image in its original format. This may not be the problem in your case of course but it may be worth using another programme, MS picture manger say if you run Windows, and seeing what happens just as an experiment.



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I seem to recall that some time back people had a few problems with this when uploading pictures taken on mobile phone cameras.

What sort of camera are you using.

David Howdon

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Thanks for you responses.

Just to be clear, the images which get rotated go from landscape to portrait.
For example, the second picture here
It isn't that clear but that image is now incorrectly oriented.
So it's not pictures I have rotated that are being affected, it's ones I haven't.
When I do rotate images I use the default Windows picture viewer.
My camera is a Samsung digital camera and I upload the photos on my home computer.
Usually when this happens it seems to be an attempt by the software to orient the image correctly. Occasionally I want to post an image which I have taken in portrait as landscape because the detail is much clearer but my image gets rotated.
It's possible that my camera tags images in a certain way dependant on how the camera is held when the picture is taken.

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The EXIF information in JPEGs ...

... records the photograph orientation (I don't know how cameras work this out, but obviously they do somehow.)

The later versions of Windows use this information, but web browsers don't. (I've been reduced to copying images onto an external hard disc, and rotating them using an old laptop - as my primary image editing program loses EXIF information, including the date the photograph was taken.)

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Thanks, that has helped me to find a work around although I still need to experiment with it.
I removed all the data from the EXIF file and tried to upload it but the orientation still changed.
So I opened the image in Windows picture viewer, rotated it, saved it, opened it, rotated it back and saved it again.
Now it uploads correctly.