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Young Meadow Pipit

Observed: 18th June 2013 By: gramandy
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Young Meadow Pipit

Young Meadow Pipit hiding in the grass

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It is a Meadow Pipit, but an adult, not a juvenile. In the first picture, you can see heavy wear on the central tail feathers, and the median coverts are also worn, not fresh, feathers. A juvenile, at this time, would have quite fresh feathers, obviously.

The confusion species for Meadow would be Tree Pipit, but that has less heavy streaking on the flanks and a more clearly defined face pattern. Leg colour is not that important, really, though it does separate from Rock Pipit (but that is a larger pipit, darker and with a heavy bill).


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thanks Ian..

...I guess thought ypungster because of the tufty hairdo