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Orange Hawkweed

Observed: 23rd June 2013 By: smb74
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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Orange Hawkweed,

This was seen growing in the lawn.

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Pilosella aurantiaca

I think it is now called Pilosella aurantiaca

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Thank you

Many thanks you for pointing this out, when adding it to this site it did not find a species name, my version of the name came from the Internet!

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i-spot ups and downs

Your Hieracium aurantiacum is on the list , and would probably have been enterrred and corrected underneath on the i-spot / nbn info that follows see Large Skipper Obs . However in this case a spelling error did not allow anything to be in put Heir...Hier... Pilosella is the new taxonomy accepted in Stace your ID on the surface was correct !! But to get an agreement it has to be input right

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The currently accepted name for ...

... Hieracium (sic) aurantiacum is Pilosella aurantiaca.

However, Pilosella aurantiaca usually flowers in dense capitulescences. How did you get a photograph of an apparently isolated capitulum?

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I put in a revised id before reading the comments. (Thats the problem with looking at ispot on a mobile device! Have to rem to scroll down.)

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I can see how it happens, even on a big screen you have to scroll down to see any comments, there should be a alert viewable near the top of the screen to the fact there are comments.

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Excellent idea

I tend to jump in sometimes, as a still inexperienced spotter, when I see something I know!