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Unknown egg pods on Cerces Canadensis

Observed: 23rd June 2013 By: Geoff Stephens

We have a purple-leaved Cerces Canadensis which is playing host to some very unusual 'egg pods'. The pods are attached to the bark ot the tree from the crown through to the tips of most branches. They look a little like very small ladybirds, but when removed, turn out to contain hundreds of tiny white eggs. There is no evidence of adverse effects on the tree. Any ideas?

    Likely ID
    European fruit lecanium / Brown Elm Scale (Parthenolecanium corni)
    Confidence: It might be this.
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first post

Just to say Geoff that this is an excellent post. Good photos, nice description - very rare for a first posts!
I cannot help with an ID but someone will come soon - you see!
Well done.

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First post

Thanks for the nice comments!

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Agreed - good description

I can't put a name to the eggs, but Wikipedia notes that in its native range it is host to several Lepidoptera species. It looks like that's true here, too.

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This insect is an important

This insect is an important pest species on fruit trees and bushes, they feed on the sap of the plants that host them and in large number can severely weaken the plant. Males are rarely seen and it usually reproduces parthenogenetically.
These web pages have more information about this and similar insects.


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It would help if you could

It would help if you could edit your observation and move it to to the Invertebrates group rather than Other Organisms.
Thank you.

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Correct group

Thanks, Steve ... I've done that.

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Well Geoff, may you go on to make many icons.
A delightful observation leading to an informative comment trail to educate us all.
And thank you to Steve Th. for guiding us to the brink...
iSpot at its best.