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Can anyone be specific about this Acer? Height is around 10 feet. It's a beauty. Want to make sure I keep it alive !

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You might get lucky -

there are some good botanists on iSpot - but it might be necessary to take a cutting into a good garden centre, and seek their advice.

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Probably a variant of the

Probably a variant of the type known as Japanese Maple of which there are many.

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It's lovely!

And looks to be in really good condition.

They don't like the wind, it scorches the leaves and makes them look tatty. Other than that, they are quite trouble-free little trees, in my experience.

Looking at it, if it were mine, I would carefully prune off the very lowest branches and twigs, to make a clear stem/trunk to about 2' off the ground. But that's just my opinion, as I like clear stems: it helps to be able to keep weeds away from the base of the tree, and I think it makes the tree look better, as you can see the "form" of it more clearly, if it is clear of the ground.

Hope this helps!

Rachy Ramone

How to take close-ups with cheap phone and hand-lens:
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Thanks for the tips Rachy :)

Thanks for the tips Rachy :)