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Species with which Shrubby Cinquefoil (Dasiphora fruticosa) interacts


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Never heard of that name before, I've always known them as Potentilla.

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If you look at the DNA ...

... you find that Potentilla is paraphyletic with respect to genera such as Alchemilla, Aphanes and Fragaria, inter alia.

Rather than sink all of these into Potentilla the classification is revised so that all Potentillas more closely related to strawberries than to tormentils, or more distant from both than they are from each other, are moved to segregate genera. Hence Comarum (marsh cinquefoil), Dasiphora (shrubby cinquefoil) and Argentina (silverweed); only the 1st move got into the 3rd edn of Stace.

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makes sense

A distinct name is better than having to call them 'shrubby' Potentillas.

I've only just joined this site and have learned something already, thanks.