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What are these?

Observed: 20th June 2013 By: Mary Ellen
Compost heap 2
Compost heap 1

Sorry if this is a silly question and also if it's impossible to tell from the photos. This mass appeared on the top of my compost heap and I am wondering whether they are eggs? Maybe of a reptile? We have toads, slow worms and newts on our land.


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They don't look like reptile or amphibian eggs. The amphibians all lay their eggs in water and slow worms don't lay eggs. I would guess some kind of fungus. Try moving the observation to the fungi category using the edit tab and someone might be able to ID it.

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Fungus or slime mould?

I tend to think fungus or slime mould, too. It would help if you could take a better photo; these are rather indistinct. Perhaps add something to show the scale, too.

If you have difficulty holding the camera still & don't have a tripod, try holding it on a chairback or something similar. The old trick is: elbows in, hold your breath & gently depress the button!