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Scentless Mayweed

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Scentless Mayweed 13-06-15b
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name and identification

The 3rd edn. of Stace has Matricaria chamonilla as the accepted name for scented mayweed.

Even after several years practice I can't reliably distinguish scented and scentless mayweeds by eye. There are two techniques that can be used to distinguish them in the hand.

The flowers of scented mayweed are scented; those of scentless aren't. They way I test that is to rub my finger across a capitulum and sniff my finger. Matricaria chamonilla usually has an aromatic scent - it varies with maturity and weather conditions. Tripleurospermum inodorum is usually scentless, but sometimes has a faint sweet scent.

If you're not certain after this, take a disc and cut it in half vertically (a finger nail serves for this purpose) - Matricaria has a distinctly hollow receptacle, whilst Tripleurospermum has a solid or indistinctly hollow receptacle. Alternatively, if you rub off the florets you can often tell whether the receptacle is hollow.

If that doesn't work put it down as Anthemideae indet. and find another specimen.

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The current name of Scented Mayweed is Matricaria chamomilla (not chamonilla). Hard to tell which it is from photos but Tripleurospermum is not out in Cheshire yet, and Matricaria is.


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Thanks to everyone for the pointers

Next time I come across a similar plant I'll follow the advice and see if I can come up with an id and description that I can add.