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Not sure if there are other photos

On the site, but the lower-case genus name might be preventing it from linking to them.
It's a fascinating thing: thanks for posting - now I need to go and look it up!

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It 's new to Ispot but it's

It 's new to Ispot (sorry my ID-ing was a slipup!)According to MarLIN it feeds on the red sponges Ophlitaspongia papilla & Microciona atrasanguinea. That page also shows a yellow example which is remarkably like one of Yashka's at

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As you see Trudy it needed an agreement to shift the likelihood (I ought not to sway it though). Perhaps then, you should shift your agreement.
Chris seems to think he made a slipup, he is right with the spelling.
I still don't see why Wikki, NBN and EOL are not linked though.
It seems quite inflated - did you just slip it into water to photo?
'Hayward & Ryland' says it has "..scattered black spots.." and "...with red spots on rachides.."

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Thanks both, need to be more

Thanks both, need to be more careful with the spelling!

You are right about the water its in a petri dish for the photo

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