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Common House Spider

Observed: 21st May 2010 By: grey georgegrey george’s reputation in Invertebratesgrey george’s reputation in Invertebrates

I always call these wolf spiders but I'm not sure that is correct. This ones body is about 15mm long and 4mm wide. I've seen ones twice the size although normally in the autumn.

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Wolf spiders have a very

Wolf spiders have a very distinctive and unique eye-pattern. The females carry their egg-sacs attached to the spinnerets, which are unobtrusive. No British species makes a web, possibly apart from Aulonia albimana, now only known from the Isle of Wight.
House spiders have long spinnerets, all weave sheet webs, make thick walled egg sacs which they hang near their webs. They also occur, rather rarely, outdoors. The eight eyes are in two more or less parallel rows.