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Observed: 20th June 2013 By: Don Stephenson

There were a lot of small black caterpillars on nettles which I posted on to ISpot last year, I was told that these were Tortoiseshell butterfly. The same catwerpillars were there again only this time I found this chrysalis were they had been. I have looked on Google and I cannot see any similar chryalis on there.

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Species with which Nettle Clustercup Rust (Puccinia urticata) interacts


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The resemblance to a caterpillar

Is remarkable in some specimens. Change the category to Fungi, and you may get more responses.

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Sorry for redundant extra ID. I saw the name 'caricina', but must have been looking in the wrong place.


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No Ooops

No oops about it Alan, you were quite right and, as Chrisbrooks intended from the beginning, this IS urticata.
Likely will be the Devil to shift as it is also Grouped as an Invertebrate. Of well..