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Observed: 21st June 2013 By: outfoxoutfox’s reputation in Plants
june flower

large colonies of june white flowers in fields and pioneering in roadbeds. in acidic sandy clay soil


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puzzling me a lot. Not pignut

puzzling me a lot. Not pignut as hairy stems. Tried Aethusa but that not right either. Some similarities to Daucus but cannot see bracts/bracteoles underneath umbels. Can you do close-up pictures of the fruits from the side and any bracts/bracteoles please?

Tim Rich

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just seen N American, cannot

just seen N American, cannot help!

Tim Rich

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Not British Tim

I looked and looked but its simply not British :)
None of my book cover it.

It is very pretty though.

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See you noticed while I was typing


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yep, not British

judging by its wildness, it's definitely a rebel.

Rod Collins, Outfox Farm