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Cricket species

Observed: 21st June 2013 By: littleternlittletern’s reputation in Invertebrateslittletern’s reputation in Invertebrates

Really don't know what it is but some kind of speckled bush cricket??
It was a really tiny thing, beautifully marked.
Any help much appreciated as always.

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I think this is a Speckled Bush Cricket nymph. You can add the ID yourself as you have already suggested it (Scientific name is Leptophyes punctatissima). I have found many of these in my garden.

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Thanks Kieran, I really don't know enough about this subject (insects & the like) to be confident enough to add ids at the moment. Watching this site is great though and I shall keep photographing!

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Hi littletern,

That's okay! I hope that you will continue to add photographs to the site and I look forward to your future observations.