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Sawfly (added via Android)

Observed: 21st June 2013 By: MingaileMingaile’s reputation in Invertebrates
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bank of Union Canal, on leaf of yellow iris.

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I saw one of these today too - and strangely enough, it was also on a Yellow Flag leaf. Apparently the adults feed on hogweed, which does grow everywhere though, and there are wild roses all around the stream where I saw it, so I suppose it's just coincidence. There is a sawfly that feeds on yellow flag, but it's black, not bright yellow. The rose sawfly is very striking!

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The plot thickens!

Interesting. More yellow-bellied sawflies. Not easy to find information about them though, but I'd clearly need to look at them in very close detail, not least what the antennae are like. And my photo isn't good enough for that.

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are there any reliable online

are there any reliable online ID keys for invertebrates?