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Scutellinia species 19.6.2013 (3)

Observed: 19th June 2013 By: GinannGinann’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens
Scutellinia species 19.6.2013  (3)
Scutellinia species 19.6.2013  (4)
Scutellinia species 19.6.2013  (5) x4 lens
Scutellinia species 19.6.2013  (8) oil immersion lens

Colony of cup fungus about 5 cms length in total in a sheltered and damp recess in rotting wood. Individual cups up to 5 mm across.


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Hi Gina Without any real

Hi Gina
Without any real spore ornamentation (I assume you are using lcb) it looks good for S scutellata. Schumacher has jungneri pilati and crinita as very close cousins to scutallata but the differences are so close they have been rejected by some top mycologists.
There are lots of Scutellinia about at the moment so keep looking and you are sure to find others.