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Marine nudibrach Tergipes?

Observed: 12th June 2013 By: paula ferrispaula ferris’s reputation in Invertebratespaula ferris’s reputation in Invertebrates

One of several similar found in low shore hydroids seen under microscope, usually near Dynamena p and associated with egg clusters.
Can anyone tell me why hydroids & nudibranchs so common on N Devon shores but not found (by me) in N Cornwall (Polzeath, equally exposed)?

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Tergipes tergipes is at

Tergipes tergipes is at ,where it actually mentions it's found with Eubranchus exiguus seen at

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Gosh yes. That's a first for iSpot. Well done both of you. Chris's links helped me decide. What an amazing little world.
Interesting common name 'Despised aeolis' or possibly 'Rejected' - from the synomyms
Eolis despecta Johnston, 1828
Eolidia despecta Johnston, 1835
Tergipes despectus; Alder & Hancock, 1855
Useless knowledge really - sorry!