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Felty Fingers

Observed: 20th June 2013 By: dejayM
Biological Recording In ScotlandHighland Biological Recording GroupOrkney Biodiversity Records Centre
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I thought this was a discard from a joke shop when I first found it.
It is very distinctive but seems only to grow near silt and mud, so not a rock pool plant.
Felty fingers is a name (the best among a few) that sums it up.
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This has not been as straightforward as I had expected.
Codium Fragile is absent from the new Collins COMPLETE! Guide to British Coastal Wildlife.
Unless, of course, age is catching up with me!
To top it all, there is a Codium fragile subsp. tomentosoides.. (as well as a Codium tomentosum) - see

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Moving UP the learning curve, one has to begin to recognise old errors.
I don't think this observation is much in error but it hasn't attracted enough comment or agreements to verify its ID (though I really appreciate the one!).
Reading further, I suspect it might be closer to C.tormentosum and I can see that it might even be Codium fragile fragile But I find that only Mr Google can help me, as the many books I have hardly help at all! Professor Lily Newton does REALLY well in her 1931 Handbook - a prized possession of mine.
As if to prove a point (about the Internet) see this rather nice >>PhotoCollection<<