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Garden invader

Observed: 19th May 2013 By: Sudhakar
garden invader

It is rampant in the neighbour's garden and seems to be creeping under the wall. I don't think glyphosate is doing much to it. I have not seen flowers yet.

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I need to stop it. It's

I need to stop it. It's already on the street side of my garden wall.

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Good old remedy is vinegar, worth a try with different sorts and different concentrations.
Report back here please.

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I've just been using

I've just been using glyphosate.

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Glyphosate doesn't work all that well on horsetail.

Glyphosate is poorly absorbed by horsetail foliage. Because of that, and the extensive root systems, glyphosate doesn't work too well on horsetail.

What you can do is bruise the foliage before and with application to improve absorption.

It is possible to control horsetail by persistent pulling, but that won't work if it's spreading from next door.