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Fire Fungi

Observed: 20th June 2013 By: EsklingEskling’s reputation in Fungi and LichensEskling’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens
Fire Fungi
Fire Fungi

Orange coloured toadstools, up to 20-40mm diameter. Among the first things to appear after a wildfire 2 weeks ago.


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Did you notice

If there was any latex produced when it was broken - it looks rather like a Lactarius?
It would also help the more knowledgeable on the site to know what the surrounding trees are or had been.

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There might have been a slight milkiness in the 'root' area. The habitat was mainly bracken, grass and bramble. Nearest tree would be a large Hawthorn, about 10m away.

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orange fungi.

I was sat here looking at my books pawing over the lactarius pages, I would tend to be thinking along the same lines. Ben

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Looking really closely at the second photo I (Think) you can see some latex at the very furthest point of the stem, I might be wrong though :) ben