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Bee 4

Observed: 16th June 2013 By: beccasrobertsbeccasroberts’s reputation in Invertebrates

Fairly big bee with orange stripes and a white tail. Seen in our garden. (Feeding on red campion.)

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B. hortorum.

B. hortorum.

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I agree..

.. with Mydaea that it's Bombus hortorum. Look carefully. You'll see it has the extra yellow band on the thorax that appears to meet with the yellow on the abdomen.

Please feel free to add a revised id.


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B. hortorum

The second stripe on the thorax eliminates B.lucorum. The tongue is hidden but is probably long as it is on Campion and that would be typical of B.hortorum, which is more likely.
It looks like a fresh queen.
Another possibility is B. jonellus? Geographically either are possible.

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The long face is clear in the

The long face is clear in the first image. It is not jonellus.