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Chinese Water Deer

Observed: 8th May 2010 By: MatthewMatthew’s reputation in MammalsMatthew’s reputation in Mammals
Lingwood and Strumpshaw 126.JPG

Feeding in woods.

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Chinese water deer

I thought Chinese water deer too. Has what is sometimes described as 'teddy bear' face (although some weird teddy bear), and prominant tusks.

Gill Sinclair
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I'm pretty sure this is

I'm pretty sure this is Chinese Water Deer - large ears and no facial stripes (also common at Strumpshaw).

Rob Coleman

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You'd be hard pressed not to

You'd be hard pressed not to see a water deer at strumpshaw. I've seen them on the railway lines from the car park before now.

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Chinese water deer

The rump would be higher than the shoulders if this were a muntjac. See the link below for another picture of water deer.

Graham Banwell

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