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Observed: 8th June 2013 By: Hairypeatcutter
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I noticed this on Loch Ghiubhsachain ( a freshwater loch ) in the Fisherfield Forest in Wester Ross last week during warm weather, it is a remote area and I saw no sign of people all day, what could it be ? it was like paint or milk in the water. Could it be algae ?


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PIB (polyisobutene)

Would be my guess. It's a fuel additive, I think, and has been responsible for some recent notorious pollution incidents.

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there was no boat on the

there was no boat on the loch, well, not that I noticed and I walked down one side of it and it's not that wide. I thought it was paint at first, but why would someone walk with a pint of paint for 3hrs ?. I did notice part of a Fiberglass boat about 5 or more miles away down a very rocky burn, perhaps the boat overturned in the loch before getting washed down the burn, the estate could have been fishing up there.
edit, thanks for your comment.

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This stuff drifts for miles, like oil -

- being immiscible with water. It is not uncommon for no ship to be in sight when an incident occurs, as they tend to flush the tanks well out to sea.
The problem is, when you're out looking for wildlife, you're in that mind-set: anything you see (personal experience here!) tends therefore to fit in with expectations.
Pieces of old "blown" polystyrene foam washed up and thought to be marine egg cases or Porifera are a classic example.