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Changing Forget-me-not

Observed: 20th June 2013 By: PeachystevePeachysteve’s reputation in PlantsPeachysteve’s reputation in PlantsPeachysteve’s reputation in PlantsPeachysteve’s reputation in PlantsPeachysteve’s reputation in Plants

Small plant <20cm tall. Tiny pale flowers in clusters. <3mm. Hairy calyx longer than flower stem.

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This looks odd

Can't be anything other than a forget-me-not, but I don't think that it's Myosotis discolor - in that the newer flowers are yellow, but here the straw-coloured petal are I think dead petals, not fresh ones.

The inflorescences are dichasial rather than monochasial, are compressed compared to normal Myosotis inflorescence, and the corolla lobes of the flowers are short compared to the corolla tubes.

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I agree it's an odd one. The

I agree it's an odd one. The funny colours and shapes may be the result of herbicide application.

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I did wonder about whether herbicide application was involved ..

... but I think that the calyx hairs call it for ramosissima.

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Another image

I've added another image I took which was from a plant of a similar height but a couple of feet away. I can't be sure it's the same. Possibly this is a younger version.

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More images

I've been back and looked more closely. The new opening flowers are white which points back to my first ID.
I think recent herbicide is unlikely. The area is an abandoned cycle track. It isn't maintained as far as I can tell.
It is very dry and all the plants there look worse for wear.