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Plant - Mallow

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19.06.2013 Plant - Mallow
19.06.2013 Plant - Mallow (1)
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Species with which Common Mallow (Malva sylvestris) interacts


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Latin name

should be Malva sylvestris :)

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Again, I just clicked on 'get

Again, I just clicked on 'get recommended'

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'Get recommended' error

Sorry to hear you have been having trouble with the 'Get recommended' scientific names.

I am unable to replicate this inaccuracy myself, but I will pass the details of this error on to our developers.
We are working on developments which include a review of the species dictionary iSpot uses, which will hopefully increase the accuracy of the names given.

Kind regards,

iSpot Project Officer

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HI Rachel, that's OK

HI Rachel, that's OK

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If you put the vernacular name in as (just) "mallow" ...

... and click "Get Recommended" is offers a choice of Sidalcea hendersonii and a moth species.

Selecting the first ends up with the vernacular name blank.