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Miked's 219th spot submitted on 3rd August 2009

Observed: 2nd August 2009 By: miked
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 MG 1765

woodland grasshopper or perhaps field grasshopper or? in scrubby chalk grassland

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Field Grasshopper

I can see why you were considering Woodland Grasshopper, but your photo shows the hairy thorax underside very well, so I think this must be Field Grasshopper. Woodland Grasshopper does often have a red tip to the abdomen, but it is usually on the underside, not all round as this one has.

(And in case you find another candidate Woodland Grasshopper, we would ideally need a clear shot of the palps ['feelers' under the head] to confirm it.)

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Thanks, I thought you could

Thanks, I thought you could see the nice white palps under the head if you zoom in on this shot.

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You're quite correct that the tips of the palps are showing in your photo, but because they are shaded by the body it would be difficult to be sure of the colour if we needed to be (i.e. if this was a candidate Woodland Grasshopper). Common Green Grasshopper (which is closely related to and similar to Woodland) can also have pale palps, and the difference is between whitish palps and white palps - quite a difficult decision unless they're seen clearly in good light!

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