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Black lines lichen.

Observed: 18th June 2013 By: pf339
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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Black lines lichen i
Black lines lichen ii

Patches of white crustose thallus on trunk of tree at edge of wood. Black lirellae, some branched, on each patch. Possibly Graphis scripta.


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Opegrapha species.

Thank you for pointing towards Opegrapha species. Shall try to follow up.

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Opegrapha atra

Hi Phil

I'd be surprised if was this species, which I have semi-convinced myself I can recognise in the field (but I don't always check to see if I'm right!) It (usually/always?) has crowded lirellae that remain slit-like rather than developing the more open appearance seen in your photos.

If the mature spores are 3-septate (immature spores may not have become fully divided), then there are other possibilities with more open apothecia (eg O. herbarum).

Spore measurements (length and width ranges) might offer more clues.


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Likely ID

Hi Nigel
The likely I.D. at present is your 'Opegrapha' and that seems as detailed as possible at present (especially knowing my limitations with a microscope!).
Thanks for the pointers for Opegrapha atra and many thanks again for all the help and information passed on through your consideration of observations posted. Very much appreciated.