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Large Weevil (added via Android)

Observed: 18th June 2013 By: Earth Papa
Photo 1

About 1 inch long. This was best picture we could get before it flew away! Found at Danes Moss Nature Reserve in pioneer birch-oak-fern wood on Peatland.

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The marker on map has moved

The marker on map has moved since posting and does not accurately reflect the exact location of sighting.

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This often happens if you

This often happens if you type in an OS Grid reference after positioning the marker. It may happen for other reasons as well. However, you can edit it afterwards by typing in accurate Lat and Long references (notes on this later).

Also, you've ticked "Hide precise location", so people like me can only see the yellow 2km grid square. That's a useful feature if you want to record something seen in a garden without giving away the precise address.

I've found this programme to be the most useful for turning map positions and OS Grid references into Lat & Long co-ordinates (and vice versa). . It's great to have visual access to satelite photos and maps at the same time. If you move the marker on the satelite image, the one on the map keeps pace. With a bit of fiddling you can save a version of the program that opens at your usual location.

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Thanks guys! :)

Thanks for the ID stho002 - that looks like the likely candidate!

Thanks Dluogs - I had added this observation via my Android phone, either I missed some of the options whilst using my (crap) phone or there weren't as many available in the app. I've unchecked the 'Hide precise location' option now.

Thanks also for the tip about the bnhs website - that will be useful for many things! When originally posting, I used the map feature, dragging and dropping the marker. The location should be pretty accurate now as I'm quite familiar with the reserve as it's one of the sites I work on at the mo.

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