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Observed: 2nd August 2009 By: DaisyDaisy’s reputation in InvertebratesDaisy’s reputation in Invertebrates
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These were all found on a group of basil plants, they are all different colours but look the same size and have the same type of hairs, so are they the same species?

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1. Beautiful Golden Y 3.

1. Beautiful Golden Y
3. Silver Y

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odd foodplant

I agree with charlieb that Silver Y looks like a good candidate, not so sure about Beautiful Golden Y - Silver Y is quite variable so difficult to say. Either way, Basil is an unusual foodplant for them, although they'll feed on a wide range of plants.

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1 is definitely a Plusiinae,

1 is definitely a Plusiinae, but yes, I'm not so sure now about Beautiful Golden Y. The dark streak on the head seems very prominent, but the colour is way off.

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Thanks for trying to identify

Thanks for trying to identify them, my pictures aren't the best. I was shocked about them eating basil, as it really is quite strong, but they were definitely happily munching away!