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Hieraceum florebundum

Observed: 18th June 2013 By: RogerRoger’s reputation in PlantsRoger’s reputation in PlantsRoger’s reputation in Plants

This plant grows to 2.5 feet high, The leaves do not have teeth, but are slightly hair. It is said to be a hybrid between Caespitosa and Lactucella. The only other hieraceum similar is umbellatum which grows nearby but is not yet in bloom. H.umbellatum is more leafy up the stem.

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The current practice is to call this ...

... Pilosella floribunda (with or without an x).

I saw similar plants at 3 sites during the last week, so I am interested in a way of reliably distinguishing Pilosella caespitosa, Pilosella floribunda and Pilosella praealta.

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Hieracium or Pilosella ?

I can find Pilosella floribunda on the pilosella list, but not caespitosa or praelta.
I compared the specimen in my garden with the pictures of of Hieracium floribunda on the internet, but so far have not been able to compare with the others. This plant is not common locally,(although other Hieraciums are abundant) and may well be an alien which was introduced along the railway line. Where can we find a description of all these plants?

Roger B. Hutchins

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All three species are ...

... in Stace (and also, in greater detail, in Sell & Murrell). I also found (by searching for the sectional name Praealtina) a Romanian paper which seemed fairly helpful.

Staces says that P. floribunda has less that ten capitula per stem, and distinctly glaucous foliage, which doesn't seem to match your plant.

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A couple of observations of Pilosella praealta ...

... have been put up recently - one from Tavistock and one from Plymouth - the associated text for the latter says "Pilosella praealta is not uncommon in the area of south west Devon bounded by Tavistock, Plymouth and Ivybridge".

Stace specifically locates Pilosella floribunda in south Hampshire, growing in heathland.

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this is Pilosella praealta

this is Pilosella praealta susbp. praealta

Tim Rich