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Unknown larvae

Observed: 18th June 2013 By: MaryandBobMaryandBob’s reputation in InvertebratesMaryandBob’s reputation in Invertebrates

We found this strange thing on a Birch (we think) leaf, when we pulled it off, the little caterpillar fell out! If anyone could tell us what it is, that would be great, thanks!

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Coleophora case on birch

The case is consistent with the common species C.serratella, whose foodplants are birch and elm, though occasionally it is found on others. The caterpillar makes a hole in the skin of the leaf and eats out the tissue between the upper and lower skins, making small roundish 'windows' that have a hole where the caterpillar entered. It makes many such holes in its life.

Richard Dickson