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Observed: 16th June 2013 By: JasonNewtonJasonNewton’s reputation in InvertebratesJasonNewton’s reputation in InvertebratesJasonNewton’s reputation in Invertebrates
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Rustic Shoulder-knot

I get the impression that (like me) people are unwilling to commit to an identification. For what its worth, I agree that this looks like an Apamea species. There is no trace of a shoulder-knot, which is a bit of a problem. Have you considered Clouded-bordered Brindle, one of the poorly-marked darker forms such as form combusta? Yours seems to have a sinuous subterminal fascia, which would not fit well with this suggestion. Perhaps a better suggestion might be the Large Nutmeg, A. anceps, which in Moths and Butterflies of Great Britain and Ireland 10 is likened to a Rustic Shoulder-knot without the fine black dash at the base of the forewing and flying a little later (June and early July cf. May and June for the Rustic Shoulder-knot). Large Nutmeg is pretty rare in my area (central south Hampshire) but apparantly is less rare elsewhere. Its range is predominantly southern and eastern.

Richard Dickson

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Thanks for this Richard; I

Thanks for this Richard; I spent a full hour on this with the field guide. There is a black shoulder-knot, but it hasn't come out on the picture. I did wonder what the name "shoulder-knot" referred to, and thanks to your post and some internet-searching I now know. This was the one feature I used to identify it, as otherwise the moth is quite dull, for instance the kidney-marks are there, but only just.