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Observed: 17th June 2013 By: shurick88shurick88’s reputation in Plantsshurick88’s reputation in Plants

In a small river.

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I would say that ...

... the left hand photograph is Callitriche whilst most of the right hand photograph is Lagarosiphon major.

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use of palustris in the title

use of palustris in the title is misleading as it is very unlikely to be this species - can you change it just to Callitriche please?

Tim Rich

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I changed it. I had left a question mark with the species name so that someone could tell me whether it was or wasn't the right one.
Is it impossible to tell from this picture which species it is? Which feature would I have to look out for to be able to tell the species?
Thank you!

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fruits and leaves -

fruits and leaves - complicated genus which needs examining carefully - need good guide like BSBI Handbook

Tim Rich

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Thank you for your expertise. I will keep that in mind.