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Sailor Beetle - Cantharis fusca 1

Observed: 14th June 2013 By: DluogsDluogs’s reputation in InvertebratesDluogs’s reputation in InvertebratesDluogs’s reputation in Invertebrates
Sailor Beetle - Cantharis fusca 1a
Sailor Beetle - Cantharis fusca 1b
Sailor Beetle - Cantharis fusca 1c
Sailor Beetle - Cantharis fusca 1d

A fairly large black and red Cantharid (soldier / sailor) beetle, 15mm+ (width of my nail is 13mm). Black legs without red on thighs. Black shape on red pronotum touches front edge.
Note - it's a sailor beetle not a soldier beetle because it wears a dark jacket, not a red one!

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While you're looking at

While you're looking at Cantharids, I think these two are also Cantharis fusca, currently without enough support for a correct ID.


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Thanks! Hopefully a few more

Thanks! Hopefully a few more people will add their agreement and turn them both pink! I wouldn't have worried if there was already a big pool of correctly identified C. fusca but there wasn't.

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A really useful description.