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Bees nesting in garden

Observed: 17th June 2013 By: RebeccaParris
large bee in garden

Bees have started nesting in a bin bag full of leaf mould in my garden in Lancaster. I wonder what kind of bees they are. They fly in and out of the hole pictured all day. They are quite big, about 1.5-2 cm long. The thorax is covered in gingery hairs and the last bit of the abdomen is white. In between is black or dark brown. As you can see in the photo, they arrive back at the nest with food, presumably pollen.

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Bees nesting in garden

Thanks folks!

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Bees nesting in garden

Further to my previous report, when I cleared up the bag after the bees had gone, it turned out that it contained a lot of shrub and hedge trimmings, quite woody, not leaf mould as I had thought initially. There was no sign of the bees at all and I didn't even find any dead ones.

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Originally from Lancaster, now in Derbyshire. (me, that is, not the bee)

Had these nesting in a bird box last year. They are good pollinators of fruit bushes such as raspberry.


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in Leicestershire Tree Bumbles were my first Bumble of the year & the most frequently seen sofar this year. They've been working Top-fruit, spring bulb, herbs a very broad spectrum of plants.