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Not Rosa rubiginosa

This would not have prickles like this and would have acicles. It does not seem to fit anything easily, so is probably a garden species.


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Thanks for the comments and

Thanks for the comments and suggestions, it's on a SSSI site!

Elisabeth A. Harris

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That it is present on an SSSI site ...

... doesn't mean that it isn't a bird-sown garden escape. (I was at a National Nature Reserve yesterday, and the plants seen included Alchemilla mollis, Cytisus multiflorus, Cytisus striatus and Potentilla fruticosa.)

Your rose has downy foliage and calyces, and glandular hairs on the calyces, petioles, rachides and leaflet midribs. That would lead me to look at the Rosa tomentosa/sherardii/mollis group.

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I don't have a problem with

I don't have a problem with the prickles for sweet-briar but I'll get some more info when the flowers open etc

Thanks for the discussion

Elisabeth A. Harris