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(now identified as) Caper Spurge

Observed: 15th June 2013 By: Insanity Prawn BoyInsanity Prawn Boy’s reputation in Plants

Unidentified (& rather bizarre) plant growing in our garden! Primitive looking (slightly horsetail like) stem with leaves growing in groups of four arranged equally round the stem, has reached about 2' tall then grown four equal stems each of which are producing pairs of leaves & stems. No idea what it is!

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Utterly bizarre...

...but rather attractive at this stage.

Be warned, in a few more weeks it will be twice the height and width, and very hard to dig out.

And once they seed, you will have them everywhere, for years.

Personally, I "manage" this plant by letting stray seedlings get to about this size, then weeding them out. There are always more where they came from, and preventing the ones in your own garden from seeding prevents them overwhelming your garden.

Rachy Ramone

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Thanks David & everyone for

Thanks David & everyone for the ID, and thanks Rachy for the comments - after reading up on it we decided discretion was the better part etc and dug it up!