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Fibrous Dropping in Ancient Chestnut coppice

Observed: 16th June 2013 By: Lunar
Fibrous spraint [Chestnut coppice W Sussex] 001
Fibrous spraint [Chestnut coppice W Sussex] 002
Fibrous spraint [Chestnut coppice W Sussex] 003

I found these droppings on the stool of a coppiced Sweet Chestnut Tree in a piece of ancient woodland in west Sussex. Last coppiced 4 years ago. The droppings were about 12mm in diameter and 50mm long. All were very fibrous consisting mainly of grass or other plant material. No noticeable smell. Dry to the touch...
Has anyone any ideas as to what animal might have deposited this?


No identification made yet.

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There's white in them -

Which usually indicates a bird. They excrete solid uric acid rather than liquid urine. So, possibly a big bird that eats mostly grass at this time of year. Canada goose, maybe? Their droppings are usually darker and more liquid, though. Perhaps they've been there a while.