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Suidae - sus scrofa

Observed: 14th June 2013 By: fransjemanfransjeman’s reputation in Mammals
Suidae - sus scrofa 1-001
Suidae - sus scrofa 2-002
Suidae - sus scrofa 3-003
Suidae - sus scrofa 4-004

This female with young bebies was very close to me when I went down the mountain, and I escaped as soon as I could on rocks near by, but the sound of camara afraid her after fiew seconds, and couldn't get a rela good picture of them

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Wild boar

Very good pictures considering how shy, or aggressive, these animals can be; especially when with babies.

Baby wild boar are so cute, shame they have to grow up!

Graham Banwell

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Nice to see a 'humbug'. Mother looks to have a bit of a skin condition with some bald patches.

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