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Smooth newt?

Observed: 16th June 2013 By: jlh524

This old litter tray in my garden has filled with rainwater and two newts have appeared in it. I think they are smooth newts? One is smaller than the other I put in a rock for them but I am looking into putting them elsewhere as this is clearly no good! Pond or river?
Sorry the pic isn't good, they are wriggley!

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Watch they don't drown in the litter tray.

It's great you have out a rock in for them to get out of the water onto. But you could let them go into the vegetation they'd probably stand a better chance of survival. They only need water to lay their eggs, they are terrestrial most of the year. Good luck with them.

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Thanks Masked Marvel. They

Thanks Masked Marvel. They have gone to a pool in the woods I remembered, or the vegetation next to it, then it has water access if needed.