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Possibly another "garden product" - am I right in thinking that this is a juvenile?

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Yes, the gape is that of a very young bird. Other signs that this is a juvenile are that the tail feathers are very short and all the same length. Adults can have a short tail when they moult, but they moult the feathers in pairs and stagger the moult, and so there are always different length feathers in the tail. Also, the feathers look very 'loose', especially the underpart feathers, as juveniles have less dense feathers. It will grow the tail to a full length; but then, in a few weeks, it will undergo a post-juvenile moult where it replaces all the body feathers with adult-type feathers. It will probably keep the wing and tail feathers it currently has until next summer, though.


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Thanks for that. Been

Thanks for that. Been watching, looks like just the one youngster.