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Bombus barbutellus, female

Observed: 31st May 2013 By: BibibeeBibibee’s reputation in InvertebratesBibibee’s reputation in Invertebrates
Bombus barbutellus, queen
Bombus barbutellus, queen
Bombus barbutellus, queen

Similar in size to the large Bombus terrestris queens seen earlier in the year. Seemingly a fresh cuckoo queen, with darkish wings, resting after being caught in a cobweb and moving from Helleborus to large buttercup leaves. Later seen 'sniffing out' and investigating holes in a south facing shaded bank rather like the description of B.barbutellus behaviour given by Benton.
Is she a new queen, and given her behaviour is she intending to invade a nest so there is a second generation for this season? If she is an overwintered queen just emerging would she appear quite so fresh?

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